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Provide numbers (n), with percentages (where applicable) in the next column in parentheses.

Use an em dash to indicate entries that are not supplied or are irrelevant; use a zero to indicate that a particular universe has none of the items in question.

When referring to a decade, never use an apostrophe before the “s.” 1980s Numerical lists imply rank or temporal order (first 1, then 2, or 1 is more important than 2). In lists that are run together in the text and number more than three, use numbered phrases. For numbers less than one, use a zero preceding the decimal point.

three-by-five cards2½ × 6-inch cards Use the numeric form.

Do not use “0%”; that is mathematically impossible.

If both real numbers and percentages happen to be zero, give just the real number and no percentage. Always use numerals when “a.m.” or “p.m.” are used.

Dates in text should have a number rather than an ordinal. For currencies other than the US dollar, use the following formats.

April 6 (not April 6th) Punctuate common forms of dates as follows: April 1967 (no comma)April 6, 1967 (comma after day of month; insert comma after year as well in running text)1968–1972 (en dash)May–June 1967 (en dash)1965– (en dash for open-ended date)fiscal year 1958/59 (eliminate century in the second year if it is the same)school year 2004/05 (same as fiscal year)association year 2004/05 (same as fiscal year)1970s (no apostrophe)the ’70s (apostrophe before year) For months, use the following forms in references in all publications; do not follow with a period. .50 CAD for Canadian dollars (spell out “Canadian dollars (CAD)” the first time it appears)£37.50 for British pounds€42.75 for euros other well-known currencies 37.50 Sw. (figure followed by appropriate abbreviation) lesser-known currencies 95 Haitian gourdes (figure followed by full name of currency) Use a comma in numbers higher than 999, with the exception of page numbers and years.

In running text, refer to each table by Arabic numeral.

Do not use “see”: Students preferred electronic reserves to print reserves (Table 1).


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