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The personal statement and other essays and short answer questions, in conjunction with recommendations, extracurricular activities, and other qualitative application elements, can provide admissions committees with context and details about students that can’t be found anywhere else in the application.While it’s important to put considerable effort into all college application components, essays are often the finishing touch and should be treated with great care and consideration.

Below are 8 steps you can take to ensure that your college essay is the best it can be.

Most college application essays are written based on a question or prompt.

College admissions essays, from personal statements to school-specific supplements, are not rocket science, but there are a number of steps that students can take to put together the most accurate and compelling essays that will help their chances of gaining admission to their top-choice colleges.

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, application essays are the most important “soft” factors, or non-quantitative elements, that colleges consider when making admission decisions, right behind “hard” factors, or quantitative components, like grades, curriculum, and test scores.

At this point, you should already know what you are going to write and how you are going to write it.

Write in your own voice and keep the focus of your essay personal. You should strive to maintain focus on the main idea of your essay by supporting it with vivid details, facts, quotes, and events.It is best to read your essay out loud, because it increases your chances of finding errors.Once you have finished editing your essay, you should ask another person, such as a parent, teacher or essay editing service to read over your essay.Writing a college application essay requires significant time and effort, but when you are done, you will feel extremely accomplished. The college application essays are often the college application component where students experience the most stress, and the element where they’re more likely to make mistakes.Once you are done brainstorming, comb through all of your ideas and narrow them down to three options that you think are the best fit for the essay prompt.Pick an option that demonstrates your abilities, perseverance, beliefs, and other redeeming qualities.The next step to writing your essay is to create an outline.A college essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion, so it progresses naturally and is easy to read.Unfortunately, writing a great college essay is not like writing a term paper.If you want to submit an effective essay, you need to make an effort to breathe life and personality into your writing.


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