Writing Case Studies For Training

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She currently has many veterans as patients, and she has determined that some therapeutic methods are more effective than others. Pilot Research – If the psychologist wants to do large-scale research, starting with a few case studies is a great way to go.

She wants to use the information she is gaining to develop a track record for which methods are most effective. The psychologist will use data and information from her current patients (using strict privacy rules), as well as professional resources, to develop her case study. If the case studies show any patterns or trends, that information can be used to determine the best way to do advanced research. Develop New Theories or Ideas – The psychologist may have her own ideas going into the study.

What question is the case study supposed to answer?

The first step is to determine what the case study will be about.

If she develops a new theory, she can test it with additional research. Change Existing Theories or Ideas – In psychology, ideas and treatments often change with time or new information or research.

While conducting the case study, the psychologist might discover that older ideas are not as effective as newer treatments.However, what exactly goes into a case study, and how is one developed? People have several reasons for wanting to develop a case study.For example, a technology company might want to learn why certain members of the population buy certain products.For this course, case studies will belong to one of the following five groups.Case studies are understandably useful for others to learn from, and an effective case study can help people, businesses, and organizations for years to come.Almost immediately Tylenol's market share dropped from 37% to 7%.Johnson & Johnson, the parent company had to work quickly to save the product.If the psychologist feels current professional protocol is not as effective as newer treatments, a case study could be developed to challenge those ideas. Intrinsic Case Study What Is The Process For Developing A Case Study?While case studies are smaller than larger research-based studies, their development still requires a strict and detailed systematic plan.For example, a well-known case study in the field of psychology is the case of "Genie", a feral child.Obviously, researchers cannot lock up a child for a decade, and do research on the results.


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