Writing A Scientific Research Paper

Writing A Scientific Research Paper-57
This is important as research is all about so-what!

Once you have your question, start reading the literature to gather evidence.

It is a good idea to do this in a systematic way to make sure that you are not cherry-picking the literature to support a pre-concieved idea or to favor the research of one particular group.

It may have Methods and Results sections, particularly if you have taken a systemmatic and quantitative approach to your review, or it may be a more narrative review, divided into sections that help you tell the story and elucidate the topic.

It should certainly have a Conclusions section: what should change as a result of what you have found and discussed in your review?

First, make sure that you are an expert in the subject and aware of the recent literature on the topic you have in mind.

Consider working with co-authors so that together your expertise in the area is broad and deep.In the end, you will have to build your own checklist corresponding to your own problems you want to avoid.After this, your article can be submitted and will hopefully be accepted!!After writing the paper comes the time of reading your paper a few times in order to get everything perfect.In this section you will learn how to remove a lot of mistakes you might have been writing.Choose keywords carefully, choose a good database such as Web of Science, choose the time-frame that your review will cover, and read everything that is a match.Take notes and, if appropriate to your research question, keep track of your findings in a spreadsheet or database.In a first part, we will focus on the structure of the paper, and then you will be able to see how to use bibliographical tools such as zotero.Finally you will be required to write your own abstract and to do a peer review for the abstract of the others, as in real academic life!You will not be citing everything that you read for your review, but it is a good idea to keep track of everything that you have read that matched your search criteria, and what you learned from it.At some point during this reading, you will start preparing the outline for your review paper.


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