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In some ways, a child who thinks beyond simply what the book is telling him/her, might look at what takes place and determine how he/she might have dealt with that situation, but so many people treat reading as such a passive activity that they simply would not occur to them to look any farther than what is directly presented.

Though the book seems so simple at first glance, it might also be argued that the book brings up more adult issues in the sense of right and wrong, such as in the story in which George is peeking through Marthas window when she is in the bathtub.

This movie also expresses distaste for interpellation in the sense that it expresses the acceptance of things not of the norm.

It basically says that you do not have to settle for the town football hero, just because you are the cheerleader.

The issues brought up in the book are even those to which children could relate, such as: not liking split pea soup but having to eat it, losing something that is dear to you, irritating habits that friends have, or invasion of privacy.

There is no real room for coming up with ones own ideas or opinions on how the presented situation should be dealt with, because the answer is giventhe writers view of the issue at hand is almost shoved in the face of the reader.In fact, the pictures include almost no object in that is not directly involved in the story, meaning there is nothing used in the background of the pictures to fill the space.The story is as simple as the illustrations using little or no complex language or difficult vocabulary.The story, however, is not told using rhyming endings or any kind of rhythm in the sentence structure, which is less typical case prototype, even though plenty of childrens literature does not utilize rhythm or rhyme.The assumption that children like books about fantasy is supported in that the main characters are animals that have the characteristics of humansthey are hippopotamuses walking around on two feet, wearing clothes, and talking to each other.A different way society tries to a person or a persons life is by giving them a name.By naming a person, the parent is predetermining their child to answer and identify with that name.Instead, you can hold out, find a person with whom your souls connect, and live happily ever after.There is also a trace of the if you truly love them, let them go, and if they love you too, they will come back theme present in this movie.A major way of society a person is by shunning the marriage or union between people with huge differences.Society applauds when the normal path is taken, whether it is a marriage between a man and woman, or the relationship between two people of the same race.


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