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So, find a way to wrap up your ideas to leave your reader satisfied and content. What is the significance of the ideas that you presented?Why did you take the time to write about this particular subject?This will undermine you as a writer and reduce your credibility on the subject.

However, you could use transition words to cue the reader to the end.

This is especially helpful when preparing a speech.

Just be careful not to use transition words or phrases that are too overused, such as “in conclusion” or “to sum up.” Other transition words that you could use are “incidentally,” “to summarize,” or “given these points.”If you spent 10 pages developing your ideas with one tone, don’t switch the tone at the very end.

For example, after writing a research paper with an objective tone, you shouldn’t use an overly emotional, subjective appeal at the end.

So as a general rule, just use the conclusion for emphasizing the main points of your paper. In that essay, you presented an introduction with a solid thesis statement.

Then, you went on to describe three main points to support your thesis.Whether you’re writing a 5-paragraph essay or a 20-page research paper, don’t use your conclusion to introduce new ideas.There are some conclusion types that may call for new information, especially posing a question for future study.To complete your essay, you turn to your conclusion.Even if one of the three main points was the most important, you shouldn’t solely focus on that point.This type is the desirable way to end a really long essay.For shorter pieces, however, summarizing your writing is an overly simplistic way to end.This is why it’s important to think about your writing before you decide which conclusion type to choose.Although it’s beneficial to include a brief summary of your main points, consider adding something more to your conclusion that would leave a great final impression.Your reader will recognize that the conclusion is a rehash of your thesis statement, which will leave a negative impression.After they’ve read the rest of the essay in its entirety, you don’t want to repel them by reusing your thesis statement and appearing as a lazy writer.


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