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Use of technology: The food production, medicine, electronic gadgets, automobiles and other luxury items were developed due to the spread of science and technology among the professionals through studies.

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They encourage people to study by providing good universities, scholarships, accommodation and other allowances.Many people of middle and lower income groups have a better lifestyle through proper education.They can meet the technical skills required to land a high pay job. Communication includes speech, signs, gestures and even body language.Maybe if people are not educated, these technologies would be of no use to anyone.So such vast income generation is possible due to educated humans.8.Without basic education, it would be difficult to write an email, letter or even use a smartphone.Even if a person travels to a foreign country, he can live there by learning that countries language.Opportunity to make a decent livelihood: Education provides a platform for a decent livelihood.One can take up a job in industry or another professional service if he is educated.A person’s education starts at school, then going to college and finally ends with a degree or PG.This enables them to take up some related professional work in the future. Ability to read & write: Education helps a person to be able to read and write. He can read books, newspapers and signs and symbols.


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