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(More about that later too.)A book review is not a literature review.

(More about that later too.)A book review is not a literature review.

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You could also focus on the effects of first-person narration in the novel and whether the narration is effective and/or the best option for the novel.

Your focus will change what type evidence and argument you create.

When you write a book review, your goal is to give readers a hint about the plot and, more importantly, to make a comment about the book itself.

All right, now that you know what a book review is and isn’t, let’s focus on what you need to do writing the book review.

Your goal here is to explain the angle or context of your review within a few sentences.

For instance, if you’re writing a book review about To Kill a Mockingbird, your focus might be racism, how the theme is illustrated in the novel, and whether the author effectively illustrates the theme.If, by chance, you’re writing for another audience, like classmates who read the book, you likely don’t want to include spoilers.No one wants to read a book already knowing the surprise twist at the end.After you’ve read the book, taken notes, and mulled things over a bit, decide what you’ll focus on in your review. Once you’ve read the book, taken notes, and developed some preliminary ideas for your review, it’s time to sit down (or stand if you prefer), and learn how to write a book review. As with any writing project, after you develop your preliminary ideas, it’s a good idea to create an outline. Try a graphic organizer instead.)What should you put in your outline (and thus put in your book review)?Remember, the goal of a book review is to provide a commentary on the book, so you’ll need to decide what your commentary will be. While all course assignments may have different requirements, here are some general guidelines for what you should include.Makes you think about whether you’d actually want to spend your hard-earned money to see the movie, right?A book review is the Rotten Tomatoes of the book world.Include the author and title of the book within the first few lines of your book review.(Don’t rely on the title of your review to tell readers the name of the book.)You should be able to summarize the theme or thesis of the book in a few lines.Remember, this information should be a broad overview.Don’t go into too many details in the introduction.


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