What Is The Problem Solving Approach

The storming stage is a time of conflict, when different definitions of the problem and preliminary solutions are discussed.

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In a work environment, a problem for many teams is simply how to complete their tasks or assignments.

A team s assignment contains two primary problems: (1) determining the nature of the assignments and how to complete them and (2) managing problems and obstacles encountered when performing them.

A large part of that Problem-solving depends on understanding the circumstances of that context.

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One perspective using the descriptive approach is to identify the stages a team goes through during problem solving (Beebe & Masterson, 1994).

This approach is similar to the stages of group development discussed in Chapter 3.

When carrying out any type of problem solving approach, remember to always check your solution and the corrective action you decided upon. If not, go back to the point where you decided on that corrective action and review. Often these are tried and tested methods they have used in the past with success.

There are as many different styles and types of Problem solving. Sometimes indeed, the solution to a difficult problem will lie in seeing it in an entirely different context. People will approach Problem-solving in different ways, but most will use concepts to solve their problems.

The first step in problem solving is to discuss and document individual views until everyone agrees on the nature of the problem (Pokras, 1995).

Teams are often given ill-defined problems and undeveloped criteria for evaluating them.


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