What Is The Executive Summary Of A Business Plan

What Is The Executive Summary Of A Business Plan-37
Think of the Executive Summary as the business plan's own "personality" if you will.

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On paper, the most effective way to sell your company is to write very professionally while presenting only the most powerful facts from your plan sections.

The most powerful facts in your business plan are those which deal with numbers, statistics, research, financials, and, ultimately, profits and profit margins.

Don't undermine your own efforts by making your plan's content incredibly boring.

If you do, your readers [money sources] will likely think you hired a cheap writer, wrote the content yourself, or simply are short of talented individuals to help you.

This is the one area where it is acceptable to have a small repetition of facts.

The facts of your company's Mission and Vision, along with its Legal Structure are things which must appear in the top of the Executive Summary.In a similar way, a businessman reading the Executive Summary should be able to make reasonable calculations as to what to expect when he interacts with you, the primary representative of this personality or company.When you sit face to face interviewing a person, you get a good feel for their personality.When constructing your Executive Summary, remember to follow the subtitles or subsections of your business plan extracting the most important point(s) of each section for the summary.Keep the summary content interesting by avoiding a straight up "copy and paste" from the other sections of the plan to the summary.If, and only if, your Executive Summary makes a lasting impression on them will they then request a conference call with you and a copy of the full business plan for further financial discussions.Instances that include startup businesses and non-profit funding will require a detailed, accurate, and persuasively written business plan to succeed with foundations, bankers, or investors.This will help you to focus structure and flow within the context of the Executive Summary.The first things you will write immediately at the top of your Executive Summary are the full contents of your Company Profile section.The problem you are immediately faced with is that often you will not have the opportunity to alternate your soft and hard sell pitches because you will not necessarily be face to face with your banker or investor on the first contact or presentation of your business plan.Since paper cannot talk and is not as innately interesting as people usually are when sitting across from you, your dilemma becomes how to sell the bank or investor representative on your company without the luxury of getting to soften him up.


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