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I believe they are the best value out there and one of the best tig/stick welders made.For a Great Mig welder, Again…shop Ebay for a used Millermatic 250 or 251. But if you find one that is like new for 00, thats not a bad deal either.1/05/12 update**** I just got hold of a brand new Hobart Iron Man 230 along with spool gun.

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If you can snag one for around 1500 bucks that has a water cooler, torch, and all the other stuff like ground clamp etc., you will be doing great.

I had a Syncrowave that I bought new and sold after 5 years of use for pretty close to what I paid.

It’s an option when you complete your welding program and get some experience.

An estimated 7 percent of the welding workforce is self-employed.

In fact, self-employed welders must pay for their own health insurance, social security, workers’ compensation, taxes, unemployment taxes, and other benefits.

When considering whether you want to own a business, there are many considerations to take into account.Then, Along with a business card, drop off a small sample weld.(Be creative here) I knew a guy who would weld single edge razor blades together as his calling card. Another idea is welding some beer or coke cans together like in the pic above. Leaving your business card does not work if it gets forgotten or tossed. When orders come in for intricate parts made from expensive materials and with thousands of dollars of machining required, They will gladly give you the welding work to keep their jack leg welder from screwing the parts up.He pretty much sucked at welding other than that but the point is it impressed a lot of people... How many other welding shops do you think left welded razor blades or welded aluminum cans with a business card? Anyway, these small machine shops usually have people who can weld but are not usually great welders. Now obviously, if you can’t weld razor blades or beer cans in the first place, you wouldn’t try that. You will need to be able to do this and more if you want your own welding business.(and you might even need to reconsider starting a welding business at all) But what about other objects? Say 2 1-1 /2 inch squares so that it would be about the size of a business card? In fact, in my opinion you shouldnt quit your day job until it starts costing you money by not being able to keep up with your own shops work.You will still have to wait on payment buy you only risk your time, not money and time.For tig welding start out at least one dollar per inch of weld plus a dollar per tack weld.Its available at Northern Tool all for around 00.And its a great value and welds can see a Video here of the Iron Man 230 mig welding aluminum with a spool gun You will also need an air compressor, some grinders, hand tools and a metal workbench.This article doesn’t cover every responsibility you could face as a self-employed welder, but it does list some of the important ones. Proper planning can help ensure it’s also a promising one.First, find 5 to 10 machine shops that are pretty much 2 or 3 man operations.


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