Watson Critical Thinking

A company usually invites an individual to take a critical thinking test to evaluate the best fit role, thus it is usually taken at the end of the interview and selection process.

Broadly, the Watson Glaser test is aimed at recognizing an individual’s ability to question, analyze, make decisions and be able to do all that within a set time.

We’ll get onto what exactly critical thinking is, but first it’s important to take a quick look at what the test is measuring.

Here are the skills that the Watson Glaser critical thinking appraisal evaluates: The test is a 30-minute long assessment, and contains around 40 questions.

A critical thinker is also able to recognize and form sound opinions and assumptions from the situation.

It allows a person to define the problem, understanding the information to solve problems, recognizing the assumptions, creating a sound hypothesis, reaching conclusions and judgments.So, if you need to take a critical thinking test as part of your application process, you’ll probably be sitting the Watson Glaser test.As previously mentioned, the test is designed to test critical thinking skills.These are all extremely important skills that make for professional employees that can help a company grow.Critical thinking is a very important aspect from an employer’s perspective as every organization wants employees who can deal with issues and situations logically and come to logical conclusions.These 5 sections are then marked after completion, and the final result is based upon the 3 critical thinking keys- comprehension, analysis and evaluation skills.The scoring percentile reflects the following results: 0-40 percentile: Below Average 40-60 percentile: Average 60-100 percentile: Above Average It is not a difficult test as long as you have done fair amount of Watson Glaser practice tests to understand the basic format and type of questions.It is largely a critical thinking test that focuses on an individual’s decision making and judgment skills.A critical thinker has the ability to assess a situation, after due consideration and understanding the multiple perspectives to it.The Watson Glaser test is a great way to understand your own thinking process and also a great step towards landing your dream job.Today every company wants skilled critical thinkers who can take their organization’s goals to newer heights.


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