Wallace Tennis Essay

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The match's umpire and linesmen and ball boys all wear black shorts and red shirts emblazoned with the name of a Quebec clothier [4].

Stade Jarry's Stadium Court is adjoined on the north by Court One, or the Grandstand Court, a slightly smaller venue with seats on only one side and a capacity of forty-eight hundred.

A five-story scoreboard lies just west of the Grandstand, and by late afternoon both courts are rectangularly shadowed.

There are also eight nonstadium courts in canvas-fenced enclosures scattered across the grounds.

Right now, it's , Saturday, July 22, 1995, on the Stadium Court of the Stade Jarry tennis complex in Montreal. In 1991, he was the top-ranked junior in the United States and a finalist at Junior Wimbledon [2] is now in his fourth year on the ATP Tour, and is as of this day the seventy-ninth-best tennis player on planet earth. Nor of Jeff Tarango, sixty-eight in the world, unless you remember his unfortunate psychotic breakdown in full public view during last year's Wimbledon [3]. Stade Jarry's Center Court, known as the Stadium Court, can hold slightly more than ten thousand souls.

It's the first of the qualifying rounds for the Canadian Open, one of the major stops on the ATP's "hard-court circuit,"[1] which starts right after Wimbledon and climaxes at N. You are invited to try to imagine what it would be like to be among the hundred best in the world at something. He has a way of staring intently at the air in front of his face between points. The acoustics in the near-empty stadium are amazing–you can hear every breath, every sneaker's squeak, the authoritative Professional tennis tournaments, like professional sports teams, have distinctive traditional colors.

Andres Zingman is currently ranked two places above Sander Groen.

Horst Skoff and Kris Goossens and Thomas Hogstedt are all ranked higher than Martin Zumpft.

They all have the unhappy and self-enclosed look of people who spend huge amounts of time on planes and in hotel lobbies, waiting around–the look of people who must create an envelope of privacy around themselves with just their expressions.

A lot of players seem extremely young–new guys trying to break into the tour–or conspicuously older–like over thirty–with tans that look permanent and faces lined from years in the trenches of tennis's minor leagues.


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