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The generals and high authorities of both sides were greedy for dominating on each other.

The cruel and complex scientific searches were in action to increase the human power in battle.

He experiences the dust of different soils and lands for sake of his sacred land. Millions have face martyr and millions were injured and lead to death. American Veterans are special because during World War I & II they volunteered to serve their country.

They volunteered even they know the dangers and circumstances through which they will pass.

Nobody can force other to devote his life to others future.

It is all about the determination and unconditional love.Veterans are the real heroes and assets of America.If you own a Flag to show the world where you belong than be grateful. Exploiting the 2001 Agent Orange decision, which expanded DC eligibility for Vietnam-era veterans who served in-theater but not for other Vietnam-era veterans, we assess the causal effects of DC eligibility by contrasting the outcomes of these two Vietnam-era veteran groups. The second chapter, a joint project with David Autor, Mark Duggan, and David Lyle, analyzes the effect of the DC program on Vietnam veterans' labor force participation and earnings.The Nazis were putting their Hitler’s thoughts into reality.On both sides, the race of becoming powerful was causing the massacre on victimized poor people.At that time Germany has the largest Army of 3.7 Million.The union of British contains 0.7 million in an army. Lorne Tudhope is Canadian boy and paratrooper in WWII in an age of 18.They served us and many of them sacrifice their lives.I am proud of my veterans because of their unconditional and selfless service for the future of the country and nation.


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