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It means that meat has rough energy while plant food has a subtle energy that contributes to the purification of all body systems.Reasons to become vegetarian There are several reasons why people start leading such a style of life.Meat eaters can also dispute that vegetarians do not get a sufficient quantity of fat in their diet in which to grow, but!

Mainly, these are the countries where most people confess Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It excludes not only eggs and dairy, but also animal products, such as honey and gelatin, as well as refined and processed foods, products containing preservatives, caffeine and other stimulants.

Another reason is a desire to have good health, and plant natural food gives man great health, cheerfulness and body youth. World Vegan Day World Vegan Day is a holiday appeared November 1, 1994, when Vegan community celebrated its 50th anniversary.

For many people in the world vegetarianism is mainly associated with savings, because meat costs more than, for example, rise or beans. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism? Of course, vegetarianism has some disadvantages, but vegetable food has many benefits.

Types of vegetarianism There are vegetarians who excluded from their diet only meat. This is natural food that is quickly and easily absorbed by the body, and also it does not form toxins in the alimentary canal.

Some claim to be vegetarian, but in fact, they eat fish and chicken; be assured those two species still belong to the animal kingdom, this type of vegetarian can be known as a lacto ovo vegetarian.

Also there are vegans; are a more orthodox vegetarian, not only do they not eat meat they refuse in eating dairy products like eggs and cheese.I believe in vegetarianism, for the reason that I think that it is the natural means in which humans should and are meant to eat, it is the way god intended some might argue.Nutritionally wise, being a vegetarian can be seen as a disadvantage by meat eaters because of the lack of protein (that is vital for growth) and vitamins like B12 consumed in a vegetarian diet.As we have already mentioned, personal beliefs, religion, style of life or health issues are the most widespread reasons of choosing vegetarian lifestyle. The word “vegan” is created by Donald Watson and is formed from first three and last two letters of the English word “vegetarian”.Some people choose such a diet because they are concerned about animal rights and environment. There are many different opinions on the benefits and harm of vegetarianism for human health.That is why vegetarian will have to refuse these products and drugs.Of course, gut flora of healthy people is killed by these products, but for vegetarians gut flora is extremely important.Meat eaters perceive meat as being the sole source of protein, however, it is proven that the quality of this protein is so poor that humans can utilize little of it; this is because it lacks the correct combination of amino acids that are the building blocks of protein.Also, on average people consume five times too much protein than considered necessary; this can be dangerous because it can cause serious illness.Although vegetarians lack meat in their diet, they are surprisingly alot healthier than your every day meat eater, for it is medically proven that they live longer and with less illnesses like meat poisoning due to the wider range of ... Vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular kind of lifestyle among people.


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