Value Of Science Essay

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Introduction Science is basically divided into three broad branches.

These include Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Formal Sciences.

We have provided below short and long essay on science in English for your knowledge and information.

The essays have been wisely written to deliver to you the meaning and significance of science.

Our life would have been very different and difficult without the advancement in science.

However, we cannot deny the fact that many scientific inventions have led to the degradation of the environment and have also caused numerous health problems for the mankind.

The observation and experimentation in the field of science is not limited to a particular aspect or idea; it is widespread.

Uses of Science Almost everything we use in our daily lives is a gift of science.

From cars to washing machines, from mobile phones to microwaves, from refrigerators to laptops – everything is an outcome of scientific experimentation.

Here is how science impacts our everyday life: Mobile phones and internet connections that have become an integral part of our lives these days are all inventions of science.


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