Uses Of Plastic Bags Essay

Uses Of Plastic Bags Essay-62
A more diligent approach to parenting and teaching would solve this problem more effectively.Charging consumers for using plastic bags should not result in profit for the supermarkets.

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They use far more oil in their production and due to their thickness they take even longer to degrade.

How can the ban, therefore, be seen as having a positive effect on the environment?

They’re in the cell phones, televisions, computers and other electronic equipment that makes modern life possible.

They’re in the roofs, walls, flooring and insulation that make homes and buildings energy efficient.

Not only do plastic bags fill up our landfill sites where they will remain forever more, but people throw them into the streets.

They accept plastic bags when they do not need to and once out of the shops take their items and litter the streets with the unwanted plastic bags.We do not need this many plastic bags in the world.The pollution caused by their creation alone is enough to warrant a ban on their manufacture and their use.Ireland has seen a 400% increase in black bin liners since the tax was levied against plastic bags.These black bin liners are designed to hold more in them than the plastic carrier bags and therefore they are thicker.Plastic bags for use by consumers in supermarkets and other stores should be made illegal.In the UK alone, over 13 billion plastic bags are handed to consumers each year, representing a substantial proportion of all floating marine litter[[In addition, they do not degrade well in our rubbish dumps, so they will remain on this planet forever more.We cannot have this accumulation of plastic bags and the only way forward is to ban their distribution and use.There are tens of thousands – or more – of different kinds of plastics and formulations.Find more information about specific kinds of plastics, like silicones, fluoropolymers, polyurethanes, vinyl, polycarbonate, or polystyrene.


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