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Since today isn’t over yet, you need to use the present perfect tense.There are a lot of nuances and questions that can arise around this topic. If something happened yesterday morning, then the word “yesterday” would call for the past simple.Choose some phrases from this post and then try them out when you next get an opportunity.

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Here, I’m jumping the gun, I’ll get into the phrases in the next section.

Since the present perfect requires an event to start (often recently) and continue into the present moment, then all phrases that trigger the present perfect will imply this timeline for the events of the sentence.1.

If you aren’t talking about the event itself (the point in time) when you did exercise, you are just simply stating the fact that it has “already been done” by you, then you need to use the present perfect.

This is because the “already been done” continues into the present even though the exercise finished some time ago.

It introduces readers to a rich variety of registers, which combined with examples from contemporary sources, literary as well as non-literary, from Spain and Spanish America, help the learner to develop a feel for style and register variation.

In addition, its user-friendly, carefully organized activities provide plenty of opportunity for practice and review of vocabulary, syntactic structures, and idiomatic usage.It should help those with a good knowledge of Spanish to improve their writing skills considerably.What I like about it most is the variety and quality of the authentic examples of writing, often penned by very good authors.The book aids students in crafting clear, coherent and cohesive manuscripts by means of guided practice and step-by-step activities.Key features: Designed as a classroom text, self-study material or simply as a resource on writing, Developing Writing Skills in Spanish is the ideal supplement for all intermediate to advanced students of Spanish. This is a really substantial examination of writing in Spanish, sensibly broken down to help the reasonably advanced learner.The next thing you need to consider is the time frame for which the present perfect applies.Here you can see there are three main Spanish time frames for events in the past: What this graph is demonstrating is that a past event could occur as follows: These three descriptions broadly describe the use of the present perfect, the past simple and the past imperfect.What other sentences in the present perfect can you create using these sentences? Developing Writing Skills in Spanish provides intermediate and advanced level students with the necessary skills to become competent and confident writers in the Spanish language.Each area is dealt with in detail and through imaginative and engaging exercises.There’s a wealth of detail much of which will be useful for reference purposes as well as for Spanish language learning courses.” — Jonathan Thacker, Merton College, University of Oxford, UK “Developing Writing Skills in Spanish is an extremely versatile book based on pedagogically sound principles.


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