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All in all, your goal is to connect a specific aspect of Tufts to your personality.

All in all, your goal is to connect a specific aspect of Tufts to your personality.Applicants to the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering, and 5-Year Tufts/NEC Combined Degree You could write about art installations or murals you have created, apps you have developed, a tool or process you invented that made something better or more efficient.In writing about your creations, make sure to talk about why they, or the process of creating them, is important to you.

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They are seeking a connection – to a unique character, voice, or student perspective.

In order to capitalize on this, these are some things you should make sure to do for all three responses: This is the quintessential “Why This College” essay – we have a guide for it here.

Tufts accepts the Common App, so, before you begin these essays, finish your main personal statement.

Since the lengths of the essays are not very long, we will break them down below and give detailed advice on how to answer each.

Talk about how you now want to affect change in small, specific ways for the people around you or how the pursuit of knowledge is extremely important to you no matter where you are. Everyone goes through failure – it’s natural, beautiful, and necessary. Brainstorm how you had previously dealt with failure.

In short, show Tufts that these actions are genuinely important to you and are inspired by internal motivators rather than by wanting to get admitted into a school. When cycling through this topic, avoid general and vague language in describing how you overcame your difficulty.

We’ve created this section so you can broaden your thought and perhaps think of new concepts and angles to your stories. Avoid trying to simply charm Tufts with a whimsical concept about your favorite things or activities (like a pet or traveling). Cooking, a video game, or a vacation spot – as long as it shines a light on you and what you can bring to the school, think about your deeper connections with these topics.

Universities do not like to see pretension in essays, but – make no mistake – they Connect the life and growth you’ve experienced because of your environment to the world or community at large. Remember, Tufts is definitely more interested in the internal journey than the external one (getting a big win, being the ace player, etc.) so make sure you think about how sports have changed you. It’s difficult to produce an ineffective topic when you ponder failure and the lessons you’ve learned from it.

What are the ideas you’d like to explore in your work?

(200-250 words)Don’t get caught up in the descriptiveness of the prompt.


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