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In all, the party argued, the Port’s operation was another example of the city’s “behind the scenes deals for millions of dollars, money that is never used to benefit us [Oakland citizens].” The party’s two-year campaign mixed its older anticolonial discourse with this new attention to local political and economic arrangements in Oakland.The Panthers linked the Port’s growth, for instance, to the “imperialist war” in Vietnam, even likening Oakland to “other colonial cities of Asia or Africa: Shanghai, Singapore, Alexandria, and Hong Kong” because of the nearby army base and U. Naval Supply Center from which soldiers and materiel were shipped to Southeast Asia.

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26 (September 2000): 759-792, doi:10.1177/009614420002600603. (Since this is a page about topic sentences, not citation, I have deleted the footnote references.) Self’s overall thesis is that “black power as a political phenomenon was not primarily a response to the civil rights movement but a parallel development that sought to redistribute economic and political power within the increasingly divided metropolis without emphasizing integration.” In the following passage, Self offers evidence in the form of examples of actions by the Black Panther Party: The Panthers’ critique began with the physical destruction of West Oakland and moved, in an ever widening arc, to encompass the principal contradictions of the East Bay economy as a whole.

Using the publications of the Oakland Project, the University of California’s multiyear study of Oakland, the results of the federal government’s 701 housing survey, and various reports and research papers produced by the Survey Research Center (affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley), the documented for its readers the systematic demolition and redevelopment of West Oakland.

Self presents each topic sentence in the active voice, with active verbs: in the lot.

And while two of the three sentences have abstract nouns (critique and campaign) as their subjects, they are connected closely enough to a group of people—the Black Panthers—that the reader has no doubt about whose story this is. The first sentence uses the verb “began,” signaling that he is moving to a new topic, or a new chapter in his story.

The party’s two-year campaign mixed its older anticolonial discourse with this new attention to local political and economic arrangements in Oakland.

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The first thing to notice is that strung together, the topic sentences summarize the passage as a whole.It was a remarkably coherent body of critical journalistic work, concluded after its first year, 1972, with a special issue titled “Our Challenge for 1973.” The latter became the political platform on which Bobby Seale and Elaine Brown ran for local office.More than anything else, the party seized upon the Port of Oakland as a symbol of the city’s failed priorities and the deep contradictions within local economic development.If the whole article is written in this way, then a reader can zip through the piece by reading only the first sentence of each paragraph, choosing to read full paragraphs only when she wants to know more about the claim made in the topic sentence.Few if any books an articles are written entirely in this manner, but in most cases, one can get the gist of a paragraph by reading the first two sentences, or the first and last sentence. The second point is that the topic sentences support the overall thesis about the importance of metropolitan debates to black power ideology.Although the party’s characterization of Oakland as a colonial outpost bordered on the fanciful and defined the outer limits of Panther discursive excesses, other “Base of Operation” critiques had more substantial merit.The party consistently emphasized the enormous percentage of the city’s white workforce that lived outside of Oakland (more than 50 percent by some estimations), particularly the municipal police force and members of the fire department.“While the Port thrives, Oakland stagnates,” read the headline in a special edition of in 1972.“Its spiraling growth, which began a few years ago, has not brought about the same kind of increase in employment for Black and poor people in Oakland.” Indeed, the Port of Oakland had become the West Coast’s busiest and largest, doubling its annual income between 19.Note that, if you have specific questions about how to write a research paper, you should always seek advice from your professor before you begin.Specific requirements stated by your professor will always supersede instructions provided in these general guidelines.


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