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That little nudge is enough to get ideas sprouting in your head, growing quickly, and bearing fruit.Chances are, if you’re looking for blog ideas, you probably already have one or two percolating.Here we can see the most popular topics for the keyword, which give us a good idea where we can go with further ideas.

That little nudge is enough to get ideas sprouting in your head, growing quickly, and bearing fruit.

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You need a seemingly endless river of blog ideas for writers, one that never runs dry. What do you do when you need to come up with topics, but you feel like you’re stranded in the middle of a rain-parched, burnt-out desert?

You’d better head toward that oasis shimmering on the horizon, and pray it’s the river.

Lucky for you, in this metaphorical scenario, it usually is.

The way to the river of content is a path full of writing prompts, research, brainstorming, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Interview somebody knowledgeable from within your industry. Or, quiz them about their favorite creative tools, their process, or the advice they would give their younger selves.

Avoid going the boring route by asking unique questions for fresh insights.

Look at these blogs, especially solid ones, and see what they’re up to. Quora is a great resource for discovering what trends and topics people are interested in right this second. Any of these questions would make great blog topics to address, especially if you have unique answers.

To find popular questions people are asking about topics in your industry (and whether they’ve been answered! If you want a quick way to brainstorm blog ideas, head to Moz’s Keyword Explorer and do a search.

An easy way to grab blog ideas is to search for a specific keyword and then check out the “Keyword Suggestions” page.

On that page, go to the first drop-down box and select “are questions” to only display keyword suggestions that are in question form.


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