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His style is so unique that he has joined the ranks of filmmakers whose names have made the transition from moniker to adjective, like Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and Alfred Hitchcock.

If you have a citation already, would you please direct me to it. I loved this film a considerable measure, however, don't see myself watching it again, later on, it's sort of been given the tick and now I can move onto the next thing.

Tim Burton was born in California in 1958, and was a film enthusiast from an early age.

For 30 years now, he has been Hollywood’s reigning pop poet of fractured-fairy-tale outsiders: the misfits and the oddballs, the jokers and the wackadoos, the headless horsemen and the humanoid apes, the cracked aesthetes and the misunderstood monsters.

His movies are hellzapoppin’ comic nightmares populated by a rogues’ gallery of freaks.

was one of Tim Burton’s first full-length movies, and established him as an unusual, singular, outrageous, and exciting director. It tells the story of a Paris-based journalist named Will Bloom who comes home to Ashton, Alabama, when he hears that his father, Edward, is terminally ill with cancer and has been taken off...

When you watch a movie by Tim Burton, you’re never entirely sure what you’re going to see next, but you do know that you’re going to be dazzled by a kind of wild-and-woolly exuberant gothic dementia, drawn into a connection with a character who almost any other filmmaker would treat as a mere sideshow.

Before he was even a teenager, he delighted in making stop-motion animated films on 8mm film in his family’s backyard.

His deep interest in animation, painting, drawing, and film brought him to the Institute of the Arts in California, where he studied character animation.

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