Three Words That Describe Critical Thinking

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The term “argument” can be used in three different senses: When we talk about an argument in critical reasoning, we do not use it in sense (1).That is, we do not mean a quarrel between two persons.

The term “argument” can be used in three different senses: When we talk about an argument in critical reasoning, we do not use it in sense (1).That is, we do not mean a quarrel between two persons.

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When we start to question the ideas and beliefs we live by, we start to think for ourselves.

To think for ourselves involves a critical attitude of reflecting upon how we think and act.

As we have seen, issues in the Human and Social Sciences rarely yield single clear right/wrong answers: usually only less or more convincing arguments.

One of the main benefits of critical thinking is that it allows you to reach independent conclusions about the world and about yourself.

In critical reasoning, the term “argument” is used in senses (2) and (3) only.

The following are some warm-up exercises to set your thought processes in motion before you embark on the journey to become a serious critical thinker (each question is a simplified version of a real critical reasoning question).We must form opinions about social issues, and we form opinions about the people we work and interact with on a daily basis.However, simply having an opinion about a given topic is not enough.In this age of information, if we want to effectively share our opinions with others, we must be educated about the topics we are discussing.Whether writing a letter to the editor about a local issue or trying to convince your boss that you’ve developed a great business strategy or convincing your parents that you should have a specific privilege, presenting an informed, educated opinion is much more effective than sharing one based on emotion or personal experience alone.In other words, critical reasoning implies critical thinking or clear thinking.We think critical reasoning involves three important components of reasoning.In other words, your opinion is based on fact and not on personal opinion.In today’s world where we become ever more involved in using technology as a resource for information, it is crucial that we have the ability to think in an informed way in order to be able to decipher the barrage of information available to us.The skills involved in critical reasoning will assist you in every area of life and study, whether it is deciding which political candidate to vote for or which job to take.Keep in mind that the foundation for this course is already embedded in you.


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