Thesis Textile Industry

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Our aim is to grow the profit margins and market potential of remanufacturing fashion drastically.” Ann recommends anyone with a green idea to join Climate Launchpad: “You should definitely do this, even if you’re not sure about the business aspect in your idea.Their instant feedback was: ‘We’re in, we’re going to do that with you.’ It’s experiences like that that make it so rewarding to do this.” The global change award came with a €150k grant. We now have a subcontracting partner for developing software. We work with an remanufacturing designer, who has experience with running her own brand and collections.So much has happened since joining Climate Launchpad, it’s been a journey filled with small and big victories.Remanufacturing clothes that way uses 80% less water and energy compared to conventional mass-production.Ann Runnel, founder of Reverse Resources: “What I’m doing now used to be a side hobby.I had worked with an remanufacturing designer for five years and did my master thesis about decrementation in the textile industry.I was fascinated about the idea, but it wasn’t my job. We’d done some concept testing, but the idea remained mostly hypothetical.The information about those leftovers is made available to brand designers. During production billions of tons of materials go to waste.Industrial remanufacturing takes this waste back to production by giving new design input.What I didn’t realize is that things in the business world happen very fast and need to be concrete and super efficient.As a researcher, you go around and try and explain your idea to people long and thoroughly.


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