Thesis Statement Of The Story Of An Hour

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Always check your writing guidelines to know for sure how many summarizing sentences you should introduce.For example, most of professors would state that your reader is already familiar with the plot and you are supposed to select the key examples and use them in support of your claims.A good literary essay should be a combination of summary and evaluation.

This essay will discuss the story of an hour with emphasis on plot and development of the protagonist; Mrs. One day the husband was mistaken to have died in an accident that occurred.

Mallard who goes through contrasting emotions and feelings that finally kill her on meeting the husband at the door and yet he had been said to be dead. Due to her heart condition, her sister had to take care while breaking the bad news to her.

that should be analyzed while analyzing a book, novel, story, or poem.

A writer should be very careful with the analysis of the abovementioned elements described above.

Therefore, always be careful with your writing task to know how to organize your ideas and what points should be presented in your analysis.

If you have to analyze the plot, remember that your ideas should be logically and chronologically structured.You narrowed down the focus of writing to the issue of gender discrimination.Your thesis statement may sound in this way, “Kate Chopin in “Story of an Hour” attempted to analyze the issues of family relationships along with gender discrimination in the 19th century.” However, as you can see, this thesis statement is informative and it does not include any analytical component.If you have to write a critical literary essay, your thesis statement should be written in this way “Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin includes an insight into lives of women of the 19th century, reflecting their limited capacity and freedom to make any societal changes.” The second thesis statement looks deeper into a critical analysis of the text and focuses on specific writer’s perception of the story.Remember that irrespective of the nature of your thesis statement, you still have to use enough evidence to prove your standpoint.Always follow modern academic writing standards that oblige students to write in a formal manner. Refrain from the usage of a first-person perspective, unless your task allows.“The Story of an Hour” was written by Kate Chopin in 1984. Mallard, who lost her husband in an accident but later the truth came out, and the husband was alive.Before composing a literary essay, you should understand the purpose of writing.Literary essays are assigned to analyze a piece of writing (either non-fictional or fictional).Your thesis statement should be informative or argumentative, depending on your writing task.The goal of a thesis statement is to introduce your key idea of the whole paper, which will be supported in the proceeding paragraphs.


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