Thesis Statement - Autobiography Of Malcolm X

Thesis Statement - Autobiography Of Malcolm X-76
How could he have handled his early years differently? Discuss the role of the welfare workers in the Little family after the death of the father. What would have been some other alternatives that might have been more appropriate for the family? How is strict discipline an advantage in developing moral character and fortitude? Identify specific situations and events that have shaped civil rights in both time periods. Assign a group of students to research what life was like for Betty Shabazz and her children after the death of Malcolm X. Ask your students to develop a five-year plan for at least five places that they would like to visit. Ask each student to write an essay that expresses why he or she has chosen to wear his or her hair in its current fashion. Many of the people Malcolm X preached to about the Nation of Islam were turned off by the strict code of discipline. Explain how travel helps a person become more well rounded. Why are many young people drawn into criminal lifestyles? Compare and contrast Civil Rights as a movement in the 1960s and 1990s. Is the risk the same or different when the public figure is a woman and the spouse is a man? Betty Shabazz became a widow with six daughters at a very young age. What was the motivational force behind the writing of Roots? What are the agencies in your community that provides assistance? The group should also construct a graph that shows the major religions of the world and the number of followers of each. What are the differences between the Nation of Islam as practiced by Minister Louis Farrakhan and Islam as practiced in the Middle East, Africa, and other parts of the world? Travel is one of the best ways for people to learn about other people.

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About the Book Malcolm X is a powerful voice in American history. Expand the exercise by asking students to select at least one other religion of the world for which they can research events that took place during the same period of time. In order to structure a group assignment, divide the class into groups and have each group research events for a different religion of the world.

In his short lifetime he went through several significant shifts in his lifestyle and philosophy. Then the class can come together to show a "World History During the Life of Malcolm X." 10. In this final section of the book, author Alex Haley discusses the many way the media reported the death of Malcolm X.

The hardships that Malcolm endures as a child led to his fascination with life in the fast lane, where he used his wits as a hustler and thief. Ask students to read how reports around the world treated the assassination.

However, the tenacity and intellect of Malcolm X the human being propelled him from his prison cell to the extraordinary stature with which the world recognizes him today. Once each section is completed, have students write one-page summaries in the notebook. Then ask them to select a recent major newsworthy event.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X is an opportunity to observe many examples of human strengths. Each student should include his or her summary points that they would pass on to another young person about Malcolm X. They are then to go to the library to look at the variety of ways that different newspapers and magazines have reported on this same event. Postal Service issued a stamp in honor of Malcolm X.

The children of the Little family survived in spite of the death of their father and institutionalization of their mother. Ask students to discuss the pros and cons of how the media can report the facts and/or distort events. Go to your local video store and rent one of the videos about Malcolm X. Have the class discuss why this is a significant event.

Ask students to keep a running list of names as well as page numbers where these people are located. For each area or country they should prepare a profile that includes countries, cities of interest, language(s) spoken, religion, geography, climate, and five interesting historical facts. It is useful for students to place people within the context of the time in which they lived.

A number of famous people are mentioned throughout The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Also remind students that many African Americans were opposed to Malcolm X’s philosophy. Discuss the role that Ella played in Malcolm’s life. Have them locate pictures in magazines of each of the areas.

I never will forget how shocked I was when I began reading about slavery's total horror.

It made such an impact upon me that it later became one of my favorite subjects when I became a minister of Mr. The world's most monstrous crime, the sin and the blood on the white man's hands, are almost impossible to believe." (Malcolm X, p.


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