Thesis Related To Teaching Strategies

It is emphasized that strategies, methods and procedures are important aspects of the educational process that complement each other and intertwine.For the purpose of this paper, teaching strategies are defined as ”networking (appropriate correlation) of teaching methods and social forms of work and didactic teaching systems with regard to the goals and content of teaching and learning” (Jurĉić, 2012).

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Satisfaction is one of the fundamental emotions of reflection on school events.

”Emotional impressions of the teaching process regulate the relation of students to teaching and their degree of activity” (Poljak, 1990).

Today’s perception of teaching is based on the humanistic approach to education and, among other things, the principles of critical communication didactics.

In order to achieve the main goal of teaching, which is to assist the children during the learning process, teachers should rely on their knowledge about their students, the subject they teach and the situation they are in, in order to find the most appropriate teaching strategy (Stoll and Fink, 2000). By carefully selecting, combining and adapting teaching strategies, teachers influence the development of cognitive, affective and psychosocial abilities of students, that is, the learning process.

This definition is further complemented by defining teaching strategies as planned and thoroughly elaborated teaching staff activities in line with teaching goals and contents aimed at encouraging and assisting students during the learning process while respecting their nature.

The teaching strategies are closely related to the students’ knowledge acquirement.Understanding their students’ learning styles will help teachers to additionally motivate any particular student during the teaching process to work harder by providing them the opportunity to solve certain tasks or problems in the way they are inclined to (Desforges, 2001).Social forms of work should be aligned with teaching strategies with the aim of encouraging students to be active, develop knowledge and acquire skills.Moreover, organization of working time, organization of working place, or creation of a stimulating environment for learning, determination of the parameters of functional learning outcomes and self-assessment as well as assessment of learning outcomes are also given importance.The selection of teaching strategies in a particular teaching situation depends on planned educational goals, ie learning outcomes, the content of teaching, the individual abilities of students and their previous experience and the competences and attitudes of the teacher.The subject of research are the teaching strategies of the teaching process.The research problem is to establish students’ satisfaction with teaching strategies.The student’s experience and the perception of the entire teaching process can be a guideline to teachers in creating a curriculum based on contemporary didactic postulates.This paper deals with clarification of these theoretical starting points by empirical verification of the possible relation between teaching strategies and the satisfaction of students with the teaching process.Relations and processes within the teaching process are closely connected to students’ emotions and their contentment with the teaching.Relations within the classroom are governed by the interrelationship of students and teachers and have a significant impact on the set goals of the curriculum.


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