Thesis Problems In Mathematics

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Extent of Study Habits Table 2 shows the lists of ten (10) items about situational/action statements used in the data gathering and the corresponding weighted means of the students’ responses ranked from the highest to lowest weighted mean together with the verbal interpretation.

The criteria in obtaining students’ level of study habits were based on their personal tendency or pattern of action in studying when they are in school days. Extent of Study Habits as Perceived by the Students Overall, the extent of study habits as perceived by the students themselves gained an “often” result with an overall weighted mean of 3.60.

Items 3, 4, and 5 interpreted as “often” with the weighted means of 4.48, 4.43, and 4.41 for ranks 3, 4, and 5 respectively.

Extent of Teaching Skills Table 4 presents the extent of teaching skills acquired by the teachers in Mathematics as perceived by the students.


Thesis Problems In Mathematics

Lamp PDF Simple Groups and Related Topics, Manal Abdulkarim Marouf Ms.This means students are “often” interested in this subject.Among questionnaire items, the desire to get good grades is the most interesting to students but the desire to attend discussion received the lowest extent of interest.Pachas PDF THINKING POKER THROUGH GAME THEORY, Damian Palafox PDF Indicators of Future Mathematics Proficiency: Literature Review & Synthesis, Claudia Preciado PDF Ádám's Conjecture and Arc Reversal Problems, Claudio D.Salas PDF AN INTRODUCTION TO BOOLEAN ALGEBRAS, Amy Schardijn PDF The Evolution of Cryptology, Gwendolyn Rae Souza PDF SYMMETRIC PRESENTATIONS AND RELATED TOPICS, Mashael U.Among each situational/action statements or items given, the item “I study harder to improved my performance when I get low grades.” ranked first with an average weighted mean of 4.34 but the item “I spend less time with my friends during school days to concentrate more on my studies.” got the lowest extent of study habits in Mathematics. Table 3 shows the data on the extent of personality traits of the teachers with the computed weighted mean, rank and interpretation.Extent of teachers’ personality traits were ranked based on their relationship with the students, their smartness, confidence and firmness in making decisions, their imposing proper discipline and not lenient in following the prescribed rules, their personality with good sense of humor and their appreciation to suggestions and opinions and their worthy of praise Table 3.Gomez Jr PDF Homormophic Images and their Isomorphism Types, Diana Herrera PDF A KLEINIAN APPROACH TO FUNDAMENTAL REGIONS, Joshua L.Hidalgo PDF THE HAHN-BANACH THEOREM AND SOLUTION OF RELATED PROBLEMS, Fonzie T.PDF Elliptic Curves, Trinity Mecklenburg PDF A Fundamental Unit of O_K, Susana L.Munoz PDF CONSTRUCTIONS AND ISOMORPHISM TYPES OF IMAGES, Jessica Luna Ramirez PDF Unique Prime Factorization of Ideals in the Ring of Algebraic Integers of an Imaginary Quadratic Number Field, Nolberto Rezola PDF ALGEBRA 1 STUDENTS’ ABILITY TO RELATE THE DEFINITION OF A FUNCTION TO ITS REPRESENTATIONS, Sarah A.


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