Thesis For Women In The Media Research Papers

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With a combination of historical fact and narrative fiction, this project weaves together research and creativity.

The process itself, of research, writing and rewriting, has been an enriching experience and has led to a better understanding of my own style.

This presentation explores the creative process of building an art exhibit around an original body of work.

The objective was to have a fully functional public art exhibit and opening reception, accompanied by professional caliber publicity materials.

The rapid ascension of instant messaging in the world of telecommunications and its growing importance to the world in the 21st century makes it a serious topic for concern, one that’s effects are far-reaching.

This rise is particularly prevalent among young people.This project began as an investigation into the life of the woman behind the painting and ended in a learning experience about developing a personal writing process.Virginie Amelie Avengo Gautreau was known as “Le Belle Madame” throughout Paris as a young woman.Much of the information about Amelie’s life came from the biography entitled, “Strapless” by Deborah Davis.Other sources included letters from the time period.The quality of presentation and materials related to the artist’s confidence in their work and dedication as a professional artist.The exhibit created for this project included forty landscapes and still lifes in a wide variety of media.This generation has grown up with instant messaging and become accustomed to a world in which people across the planet can communicate with one another with the click of a mouse.Furthermore, this research will explore the impact of instant messaging in schools and the workplace and determine if it is a valuable research tool or merely another distraction for procrastinators looking to pass the time.The last month was spent framing and designing the layout of the physical exhibit.An opening reception was also planned, with refreshments and entertainment, and was advertised in the surrounding communities.


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