Thesis For Engineering Management

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Buch PDF A sensitivity analysis of a heuristic model used for the placement allocation of utilities in transportation right-of-way corridors, Steve Clarence Christian PDF Modeling demand uncertainty and processing time variability for multi-product chemical batch process, Rishi Darira PDF Performance evaluation of multi-product Kanban-like control systems, Sachin S.

The Master’s project is the capstone event in the Outreach Engineering Management curriculum.

Thesis For Engineering Management Essay Gratitude

In it you will carry out an in-depth analysis on an engineering management topic under the supervision of a faculty member from the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department or the Business School.

The fall semester should be used to explore opportunities for your project topic, and to select your team members if you plan to work with others. The course coordinator can serve as your initial contact if you like, but as you define and refine your topic you should be in contact with the faculty member who will supervise your project.

In December you will have the opportunity to meet with your faculty supervisor to discuss your planned project.

Each team (or individual) will prepare a written report of their proposed project and a plan for its successful completion.

The proposal should include an objective, a detailed description of the proposed project, a plan and schedule for its completion, issues to confront (impediments, obstacles, etc.), and a draft outline and table of contents of the final project report.


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