Thesis Field Of Study

Regardless of requirements, the graduate research methods course is very helpful.The thesis director is an important resource person during the development of a thesis.It is essential to identify a professor who is interested in the topic chosen for study.

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Any changes in the thesis topic or membership of the committee must be submitted on a new Thesis Topic and Thesis Committee Form signed by all thesis committee members and the thesis director.

Further, any change in thesis topic or membership of the thesis committee must be approved at least thirty days prior to the thesis oral defense.

It is the student's responsibility to check with their graduate advisor for verification that an individual professor is eligible to serve as a thesis director.

Present the thesis topic to a prospective thesis director and be prepared to discuss the proposed research.

The ideas should be written down and reviewed by the faculty member who may direct the thesis.

The professor will most likely provide additional information, especially as it relates to the specific topic, title, and procedures.

When changes are made, written approval from the Graduate Advisor and the Dean of the School must be received before further work may continue on the research project.

A faculty member can be removed from a committee if the faculty member wishes, agrees to be removed, or is incapacitated and cannot participate on the committee.

During undergraduate and early graduate coursework one may find there are several areas of intellectual inquiry that would be interesting to pursue.

These areas of interest are good sources of potential research topics.


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