Thematic Essays For Global History Regents

Global connections and links are two components to learning social studies; concepts of cultural diffusion, migrations, multi-regional empires, belief systems, trade, and conflicts are explored.According to the Department of Education of New York, the five learning strands for social studies are: History of the United States and New York, World History, Geography, Economics, and Civics, Citizenship, and Government.Please ensure that you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader/Professional X or higher prior to attempting to access these secure PDF files.

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Choose 2 government collapses and explain their circumstances and results.

(Roman Empire leads to fragmented Europe, execution of Louis XVI ends the monarchy and eventually leads to the Reign of Terror, fall of the Shah leads to Iranian Revolution and rise of the Ayatollah, fall of Communism creates new nations and war in Eastern Europe) who developed or modified ideas.

Civics, Citizenship, and Government: students will demonstrate their understanding of the necessity for establishing governments; the governmental system of the U. It is the first half of a two year course designed around the curriculum based on the New York State Regents Examination in Global History and Geography.

We start at the Prehistoric Age and go through the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation.

At the conclusion of the course students are required to take the Regents Examination in Global History and Geography.

Preparation for the Regents continues throughout the course as students are again exposed to primary source documents and Regents style multiple choice questions and thematic essays.

Explain what led to the migrations, and how each migration impacted a society and/or region.

(Urbanization in Britain during Industrial Revolution, Partition and movements to India/Pakistan, Africans going to Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries.) - Societies engage in war or imperialism to get resources.

(Island geography isolated Japan, Mountains isolated the Greek polis, Sahara Desert isolated North from Sub-Saharan Africa, Nile River and Mediterranean Sea increased interactions). Choose 2 20th Century political events, explain them, and show their impact on society.

(Rise and Fall of Communism, Cultural Revolution, End of apartheid, Berlin Wall construction or dismantling, etc) (Individuals) Choose two historical figures, explain their ideas, and how they positively or negatively affected the world.


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