Their Eyes Are Watching God Essays

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In this way, he is a clear representation of a person who desires a one-way relationship where there is no risk.

In Zora Neale Hurston’s work, the ideal of the perfect relationship is presented much differently.

In particular, he is scared of some of the changes that he not only has to see, but also has to experience adjust to.

If he had his way, the world would be concrete and it would always stay the same.

The lead character in this story, Janie, does not share too many similarities with Holden in terms of personality, though.

While Holden is extremely cautious and almost comes across as a bit of strange hermit, Janie goes about relationships in a little bit different way.In this way, it can be said that these two works represent relationships as a great equalizer.It does not matter how weak or how strong a person is.It does not matter if a person is ready to take on the world or if they would rather live in isolation or fear.For each of these people, there exists the basic human need for interaction.Still, there is a prevailing theme that unites these two stories and unites the head characters.The thing that one can take from reading both of these stories is that no matter how different two characters are and how different their life view is, relationships are still the powering force behind their existence.At times, she is not willing to invest in relationships if they are not giving something great to her.She throws away relationships with Logan and Jody because she is searching for something more.The connection that can be drawn between these two works is a strong one.Each of these characters has their entire existence decided by their relationships in one way of another.


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