The Spirit Of Terrorism And Other Essays

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Throughout this report the committee recognizes that the targets of potential attack—transportation, communication, and energy systems, for example—are systemically related, and that an attack on one spreads to and perhaps cripples others.

This principle of “systemness” applies to the organization of human life as well.

Examples of the latter type of attack include the following: Understandably, our initial impulse in thinking about the human consequences of terrorist attacks is to envision casualties—the numbers of people killed or wounded, as well as the emotional wounds to their families and loved ones.

But there are several other dimensions of societal vulnerability as well, springing from the fact that not only is society made up of people but that people are organized in relation to one another in complex ways.

In this report, however, the committee constrains itself to discussing people as the primary target of terrorists.

This chapter shows how the behavioral and social sciences can provide knowledge of and insights into the responses of individuals and organizations to the threat of terrorism and to terrorist events.In an attempt to characterize the modern terrorism novel and the cultural work it has performed, the authors have devised a typology of terrorism-infiction from 1970 through 2001.Over a thousand novels were documented, including both thrillers and mainstream works.But novels introduce an innovation in what has been called the “mythography of terrorism” by introducing new types of “controlling consciousnesses” through which terrorist violence is perceived.The purpose of terrorism, of course, is to terrorize.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.Since 1970, terrorism has become a prominent subject for English-language novels.These groups constitute bases for community association as well as social and political identity.Historically, relations among them have been variable as well, encompassing friendliness, accommodation, competition, latent tension, and, occasionally, open conflict and violence.A sample of twenty-five novels from the period was then selected for careful reading, analysis, and comparison.Preliminary results establish that though there is a great deal of diversity in terrorism novels, both in what they do with terrorism and why, they are by and large focused less on politics than on sentiment and less on the perpetrators of terrorism than on its victims.


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