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Run time: Originally 121 minutes, but only 96 minutes in most available releases.Quotes: Quotations from the film are listed here; the play script is also widely available. Starring: Robert Shaw as Francisco Pizarro, Christopher Plummer as Atahuallpa.Because the Inca faith held that burning the body would destroy any chance for an afterlife, Atahuallpa reeled from this sentence and agreed to Christian conversion in exchange for a more merciful execution.

Atahuallpa agreed to meet Pizarro, and the next day entered Cajamarca’s plaza, accompanied by a large procession.

Rather, it’s a reimagining of history, which maneuvers two powerful figures into a clash of opposing ideals.

The year was 1531, when the conquistador Francisco Pizarro – a bastard in every sense of the word, considered by some to rank among the most evil men in human history – landed with a force in Perú, seeking riches and reputation.

His timing was all too fortuitous, as the Spaniards’ arrival coincided with the conclusion of a bloody civil war between two claimants to the Inca throne.

Following clues of a vast empire glittering with gold, Pizarro and his men crossed the Andes and made their way towards the alleged location of this treasure; at the same time, the new Inca emperor, Atahuallpa, was proceeding with his triumphant army towards the Inca capital of Cuzco.


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