The Rich Vs The Poor Essay

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Poor mindset deludes itself into believing it knows everything, and that opposing perspectives are wrong before even hearing them.

Challenge Yourself: Seek to place yourself in a situation where you are inexperienced and uncomfortable.

Challenge Yourself: You need to be willing to take calculated risks because no reward worth discussing came without risk.

Why pay money to fly to that conference, pay for the hotel, and spend all the time when they’re not even paying you?

Mike’s only focus is to get richer than he already is through drug dealing, of course.

Jessica from “Twelve” is a pretty girl, but not as hot as Sara Ludlow though.

Over the last years, the split between rich and poor has grown considerably in New York.

But in New York the city is not divided into a rich half and a poor half.

Rich mindset understands that it cannot do everything and that even if it could, it would create greater value by focusing on its core strengths.

It knows that the right team is greater than the sum of its parts. It plans to quit in advance when it realizes the potential gains of pursuit are either unreachable with current resources or aren’t worth the pain of the work involved.


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