The Race Card Project Six-Word Essays

The Race Card Project Six-Word Essays-78
They have literally mapped out our genetic genes and scientifically proved that we are the same.

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They pleaded and begged for mercy but none was given. Most of them were deprived of an education and fundamental rights, and a staggering number of slaves were raped, brutally victimized, degraded, and punished severely for lack of legitimate reason—not that there is ever one.

The ramifications of our dark, prejudiced past still echoes with us today, leaving deep-rooted scars that will take a long time, if ever, to mend.

And so we have to ask ourselves, how did all of this happen?

Discrimination based on superficial phenotypical traits like skin colour stems a long way back, a prominent event being the Atlantic Slave Trade during the 19th century.

The consequences can be shown by Jane Elliot’s experiment in 1968 on her third graders to show them how racial discrimination worked and how it felt.

Her class became a simulation of real-life discrimination, using trivial eye colours like blue and brown instead.Although race has become a discredited scientific term, there have been huge social implications for our society that have hindered the equality that most strive for.Our historical racism for perceived inferior groups has not ended, causing racial stratification among our population.In everyday talk when individuals are accused of “playing the race card" it is often seen as an underhanded effort to give those who (can) use it an unfair advantage, closing down conversations about race.In 2010, journalist Michele Norris attempted to revive a conversation about people’s experiences with race in her Race Card Project (RCP), an online forum for collecting and sharing six-word narratives from across the United States about people’s experiences with race.The results were that the “inferior” group began to really feel that they were substandard students, causing less confidence in them and lower test scores.These results are relatable to real life scenarios, where discriminated groups internalized racism and thus, performed worse than others.First, RCP participants expressed their desire to manage or transcend racial categories by utilizing metaphors that communicated their need to conflicting racial aspects of their identity.In these examples, writers offered an ethereal account of their identity, suggesting that their sense of self was not easily defined by sedimented racial categories.The introduction of the slavery of people from Africa influenced people to believe that non-whites were biologically different and thus, inferior, to justify the subjugation of Africans and the economic gain and free labour people would receive from this transaction.When the Europeans arrived in Africa, they exploited the tensions between rival tribes and traded weapons for slaves, taking them away from their families, their friends, and everything they've ever known.


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