The Namesake Essay Belonging

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Basic to every society is its social structure, the whole background that bounds the roles of individuals within the culture, and individual’sliberty of movement within the society.

The quest for cultural identity arises in Lahiri’s writings. “A Conversation with Jhumpa Lahiri: Interpreter of the Second Generation” in 2007 Seattle Reads: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.

When they got married, it was said that, “..and Moushumi are fulfilling a collective, deep-seated desire-- because they’re both Bengali, everyone can let his hair down a bit” (224). Instead of ending in a happy ever after, Gogol and Moushimi went their separate ways.

There is no doubt that Gogol internally battles with his dual-identity.

He wears “...a parchment-colored Punjabi top that had once belonged to his father, a prepleated dhoti with a drawstring waist, a pair of nagrai slippers with curling toes” (220).

While Moushumi herself is dressed in a sari, her neck draped with priceless jewels.Culture mirrors learned conduct that is spread from one member of a society to another. ...s and many more things never ends till they are alive. "Gogol's Namesake: Identity and Relationships in Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake." Atenea 27.1 (June 2007): 103-119. Some elements of culture are briefed from one group to a... After his father’s death, Gogol gradually returned to his Indian traditions.He takes care of his mother and sister, abandons the life he could have with Maxine, then marries a Bengali woman.However, apart from when Gogol needs his family and culture for comfort, he is simply a true American.In the beginning of the book toward Gogol’s early life, the reader may make the observation that Gogol is more American than Bengali.Gogol’s Identity Throughout Namesake, Gogol Ganguli struggles with his identity being both Indian and American.Although he tended to stray far away from anything Bengali, his deeply rooted culture never faded away.The couple decides that it is much easier to let their families take control over the wedding plans because it is less stress on them and makes their families happy.According to the Mazoomdar family and the Ganguli family, Moushimi and Gogol were the perfect match.


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