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About 30 percent of the radiation striking the Earth is reflected back out to space by clouds, ice and other reflective surfaces.The remaining 70 percent is absorbed by the oceans, the land and the atmosphere, according to NASA.As they absorb radiation and heat up, the oceans, land and atmosphere release heat in the form of IR thermal radiation, which passes out of the atmosphere into space.

About 30 percent of the radiation striking the Earth is reflected back out to space by clouds, ice and other reflective surfaces.

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Glass in a greenhouse will let the sunlight in, but absorb and retain the heat; thus increasing the temperature of the atmosphere within the greenhouse.

Therefore, the "Greenhouse Effect" is the warming of the Earth's surface at a greater rate than would normally occur without the 'blanket' present.

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the battery can charge up on a sunny day, then use reserves during a day with no sun).

- Encourage people around the world to use public transport instead of individually driving to work, and perhaps do this by building a more extensive and efficient public transport infrastructure in places which need this - Replace coal with solar energy as the source of electricity - i.e. Conclusion A source of methane and nitrous oxide is the burning of biomass.Some problems that many scientists have blamed on the Greenhouse Effect are a rising global temperatures, thus rising sea levels from the melting of polar ice caps, changes in vegetation, and unusual weather patterns.Of course, many argue that global warming is a natural process, but some people go as far as placing sole blame on human activity for the Greenhouse Effect. The basics of the phenomenon were worked out well over a century ago by Svante Arrhenius in 1896.His paper, published in the Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science, was the first to quantify the contribution of carbon dioxide to what scientists now call the "greenhouse effect."The greenhouse effect occurs because the sun bombards Earth with enormous amounts of radiation, which strike Earth's atmosphere in the form of visible light, plus ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR) and other types of radiation that are invisible to the human eye.In between these two extremes, there is the theory of the "Enhanced Greenhouse Effect". Middle Ways in which carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can be reduced with unlimited funds are: - Buy up large blocks of land around the world, and plant lots of trees to soak up the existing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - Improve technology of cars, so that they do not release carbon monoxide.While ethanol as a fuel only reduces the vehicle emissions, perhaps technology can advance to a stage where there is an alternative that will not produce emissions - perhaps solar-powered cars?A whole issue deals with the latest greenhouse gas inventory results. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.This way, we also do not release as much methane whilst drilling for natural gas and oil because our consumption of oil will fall drastically.- Replace all cars in the world with solar-powered cars, fitted with batteries that can store energy absorbed but not yet used (i.e.


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