The Doors Of Perception Essay

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Ohne sie wäre es uns gar nicht möglich, alltäglichen Beschäftigungen nachzugehen und das eigene Überleben zu sichern.

The phenomenal world of matter and of individualized consciousness — the world of things and animals and men and even gods — is the manifestation of a Divine Ground within which all partial realities have their being, and apart from which they would be non-existent.

Man possesses a double nature, a phenomenal ego and an eternal Self, which is the inner man, the spirit, the spark of divinity within the soul.

Boldly inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, “Dr.

Rinkel, who worked for the Boston Psychopathic’s Department of Research, thought that the schizophrenia-like state that LSD seemed to induce might come in handy for researchers; if they could find an antidote to the drug, they might also find the cure for a range of mental illnesses.


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