The Birthmark Essay

This presents a moral ambiguity akin to the situation in “Young Goodman Brown,” where the author carefully suggests that Brown may indeed have met his neighbors and his wife at the devil’s sabbat but that he may have dreamed the whole episode.

At first, they seem to signify the separate domains of male and female: the laboratory is the place for science, intellectual activity, and risk; the boudoir is the site of passivity, decoration, and safety. This collection of essays covers topics that include Hawthorne’s relationship to history, women, politics, and early America.

However, even though the boudoir offers an “atmosphere of penetrating fragrance” with “a series of...

But in literature, being a romantic didn't have anything to do with sending flowers or preparing candle-lit dinners.

Romantics were literary rebels who wrote about strong emotions, the supernatural, and the power of nature. The writing style of the previous century, a time that had been known as the Age of Reason.


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