Thank You Letter To Dissertation Committee Members

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However, as long as committees do use interviews, the empirical literature also tells us that it is very difficult to overcome a bad interviews. What are the thoughts of others who have served on search committees?Hi everyone, I need to write a formal letter to ask for a professor, whom I do not know very well, to serve on my dissertation committee.May you help me check if the following letter is sufficiently humble, polite, but straight to the point?

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If it isn't scheduled yet, maybe write "planned for" instead.) Good luck!

Thanks Medea Fleecestealer and Longbyt for your suggestions.

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But, as a job-candidate, you can't expect everyone to be reasonable.

Consequently, if you get an email from someone on a committee, I would really advise against being languid about replying. Finally, although anon didn't raise the question, there is the common question of what to do if you totally bomb a Skype interview.I've also known people who expect responses the same day.Personally, I think that time-sensitive issues aside, that is unreasonable.For example, if a search committee member sends you an email about something--say, about an on-campus--but you don't email back for several days, that might look bad.Indeed, I've known people who are real sticklers about these things: people who expect prompt email responses. If someone takes 24 hours to get back to me, that's fine--but more than that and I start to wonder.Guess what I'm saying is, don't sweat the lingo too much. (Longbyt's right though, it should be "comprises" rather than "is comprised of", and requests are usually (hoped to be) granted, not accepted.Also, if your defense really is scheduled, you might as well give the date.How about this correction: **************************** Dear Professor _____________, My name is Ng Lausanne.I am a newbie at the At the recommendation of my advisors, Professor Adrian London and Professor Niamhie, I am writing to humbly request your service and expertise to serve as an ``External Expert on my graduate committee.I recall bombing an interview many years, and someone advising me to email the committee to indicate in some way that the interview was not reflective of my normal performance.I don't know how common this advice is, but I've known job-candidates who seemed to do something like it.


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