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They give a description of what gravity waves are, a brief history of gravity waves, and a brief note as to why attempts to detect them are important. It contains, however, too much information in too little space.If this were your paper, I'd recommend either expanding the size of the introduction, or, even better, tightening the focus and leaving out some information.The sentence "As in any wave-like signal, a gravitational wave has a characteristic frequency and amplitude" conveys little information.

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As a result, it flows well --- it is easy and enjoyable to read. It could be a little more focused, and could use a stronger thesis statement. (It's not very flashy, and it wouldn't make a good advertisement for a TV show, but that's not the purpose of the abstract.) It clearly, concisely, and in order tells us what the paper will discuss.

It is obvious from the text that the authors have a fairly good understanding of the subject, and for the most part their science and reasoning is sound. If I were doing research and wanted to know specific things about a specific topic, this abstract would let me know right away if the paper contains what I'm looking for. Take a look at the first two "introduction" paragraphs.

gravwaves2This is a really good paper, so now lets trash it.

Seriously, I though it would be helpful for you if you could see a critique of this paper so that you could more easily see some of the things that were done right and that were done wrong. It is well organized, focused, and well polished (i.e., good grammar, good spelling, transitions between different discussions, etc.).

Without focus, papers tend not to flow well and are harder to read and understand.

Although it is not necessary to write the word "introduction," at the start of your paper (in bold, underlined, and written in day-glow red) , it is important to start off the paper with an introduction to give the reader the necessary background and to explain the motivation for the paper.

Have other's read your paper, and listen to their comments.

Accepting criticism is not easy, but it's the only way to learn to write.

There needs to be a better transition from the discussion of gravity wave generation to the discussion of detection. When an expert can say something much better than you can, it's okay to quote them. One of the hardest things you'll have to do as you write papers is to leave out really cool things.

Don't ever just stop talking about one thing and start on another. Why write a phrase in your own words when someone else has already stated it perfectly! However, students often put quotes into their papers not because the quote fits into the discussion, but because they think it is clever or because they think it would be neat to have words by someone cool like Einstein in their paper. After searching for days for that one special quote that you remember hearing, it's tough not to put it into the paper. I love how they discuss Weber bars by first giving a general description, then going into details, and then describing in chronological order how different improvements were made. The quote starting "ALLEGRO has had unprecedented immunity..." seems to me like an example of a good quote which they should have had the guts to throw out.


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