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Anything that will help make your business recognizable.“Create a strong image for your business straight out.Pick your color scheme, design, logo, your business message, and so forth.Some operate more as a crowdfunding operation and only produce your designs once a certain number of pre-orders are made.

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You need to invest in your business for others to invest in you.”– Mike Sheety, Director, That Shirt In addition to being eye-catching, your designs also have to be original.

Some popular T-shirts feature famous characters and quotes. Disney, in particular, is very strict about allowing outside companies using their characters or other trademarks.

During the design process, it’s also helpful to choose a particular theme or image for your brand.

This can include a set color scheme, fonts, or logo.

Having a strong, professional branding is going to allow consumers to trust in your business and encourage them to invest in you.

Hire a graphic designer if you don’t have a clue about this sort of thing.These services provide tools to make it easy to choose from a range of different T-shirts and other apparel and add your designs to your own online store.This means you can spend more time marketing your new business and testing different creations and ideas without committing to bulk-sized orders.Or if you’re looking to create a full-on T-shirt empire, you can build your own business from the ground up.T-shirt sales sites are online platforms that let users create custom designs, which are then posted for sale on the site.A lot of T-shirt designs are covered by federal copyright protection, and new T-shirt sellers think they can print the same designs with no issues. A lot of hard work really does go into designing T-shirts.It’s not as simple as finding popular designs and reprinting them.To sell T-shirts online, you need to have a strong niche and unique designs that will separate your business from the competition.You will also need to select a production method, sales platform, and market your business. Online T-shirt sales brought in 1 million in revenue in 2017.You have to create your own designs and make sure they’re not infringing on a copyright or trademark.”– Andrea Sager, Owner, Andrea Sager Law PLLCThere are plenty of traditional and non-traditional options when it comes to selling T-shirts online, and even offline.If you want to start selling right away and for no upfront cost, you can use a site like Teespring or Sun Frog to simply create designs and collect profits every time one of your designs sells on their site.


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