Technology Makes Life Easy Essay

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Technology Makes Life Less Stressful Do technologies really make life less stressful?Yes, in fact I think that life would be a lot more stressful without them.

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Daily and new advancements in cell phones are proof that technological advancement is never going to stop.

Some year’s back an ordinary cell phone was considered a blessing but today the availability of convenient apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, and Facebook make smartphones a requisite.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the greatest innovations and inventions, of all time, took place in 20 century.

The world also observed the usage of technology in cold-blooded times like world wars, for example, technological advancements like automobiles, poison gases, aircraft, tracer bullets and drones left the world enthralled.

There are critics that No one could figure out a way to cook unless it was on a barbeque, and most only knew how to cook meat on it.

Or how about transportation, originally there was only walking and horseback now we have horsepower in our cars.After the accident, just getting to and from the hospital was an ordeal, plus we still had to figure out way for him to get to and from work.The stress levels were so high already and then with all that added they got even higher.With the world moving forward and nations moving ahead of each other every day, the day-to-day modern advancements in the technological world seem vital.It’s been long since advancement in tools and technology started taking place and it has not stopped yet.Not to mention the fact that the second was a truck and I drive a Mustang, so now have to borrow a truck, in order for anything big to be moved to or from the house.Technology has helped our lives become so much easier that we don’t even realize it until it is taken from us and then adding extreme levels of stress.These are only a few of the numerous ways technology and less stress go hand in hand, without which we would still be beating on our chests and living in caves.Our technology and the strive to further that technology are what helps our lives become better and more sophisticated.The answers may be varying but the verity is that more than half of this world’s population prefers the latter.The influence and use of technology in today’s world is enormous.


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