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She said that she couldnt explain it but you change, you feel different and people see you differently.After that he booked his grading and had six months to prepare.

She said that she couldnt explain it but you change, you feel different and people see you differently.After that he booked his grading and had six months to prepare.

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Often there is criticism towards children or elderly Black Belts, usually in reference to their physical capability.

Does being a Black Belt automatically mean that you can do flying kicks or fight any opponent? Unfortunately these days, Black Belts are viewed almost with a mystical superhuman quality.

Everyone will give a different answer to these questions because every ones journey is different.

We all must achieve the same basic requirements, but our struggle is as different as the individuals themselves.

To begin with the student is usually content with just learning the basic techniques and only train in their regular class time.

As the student progresses through the ranks their thirst for further knowledge increases and Taekwon-Do becomes an increasing part of their life.It wasnt until after a conversation with a close friend and senior training partner of his at our Dojang that he finally decided to do his grading.She told him that getting your Black Belt wasnt just a symbol of your training.After that its up to the Black Belt to take on their own self directed learning. You have learned the basics and now you are ready to start your real training.Requirements for Black Belt In ITF Authentic Taekwon-Do there are two different categories per say of Black Belt 1st Dan.All ranks up until you have achieved Black Belt are structured.General class time is spent specifically on the necessary requirements up until Black Belt.Shortly afterwards a group of juniors came running up to him. It was then when a young yellow belt looked up at him and said, Wow, some day can I be like you? It was that moment that he knew what his friend had tried to tell him, he knew then what it meant to be a Black Belt Introduction What does being a Black Belt mean to you?Or for those still on the journey to achieve it, why do you want to become a Black Belt?Most likely due to the influence of movies of men and women doing these fantastic stunts.How many Black Belts out there can honestly say that they can fight multiple opponents and expect to win?


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