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The chain's same-store sales have dropped 13% since 2013, according to Restaurant Research.

The chain's same-store sales have dropped 13% since 2013, according to Restaurant Research.

We have support from the majority of franchisees on this program and many others we are testing.

However, we typically do have a number of restaurants that don’t participate in our national promotions. Subway is in the midst of a massive transformation, and change of this size takes time.

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Subway also introduced a loyalty program last year, Subway My Way Rewards, as well remote ordering, third-party delivery and new menu items such as Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread and new wraps—all in a bid to generate sales. “As painful as it is for franchisees and the company, it is very much needed, and it needs to fall some more,” said John Gordon, a restaurant consultant out of San Diego. And in dense areas you’ve got multiple Subways within very close range.”Subway for years expanded aggressively throughout the country and kept on growing even as sales showed signs of weakness in 2012.

Subway closed 359 locations in 2016 and another 836 restaurants in 2017, following years of nearly unfettered growth that made the chain the most prolific restaurant in the U. The company’s domestic restaurant count grew by 28% between 20—a period that included the worst economic downturn in 80 years.

Franchisees say that the footlong deal and other promotions that the company has rolled out as a response to plummeting customer traffic are pushing their businesses to the edge.

"The national promotional focus over the past five years …

Our goal is to strengthen the Subway brand in every market around the world to give Subway franchisees the greatest opportunity to successfully grow their businesses.

To that end, we are focusing on strategic development , and we are realigning markets to ensure the right Subway restaurants are in the right locations. This includes remodeling our restaurants, many of which are already reporting significant lifts in sales and positive customer feedback.


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