Stereotyping Teenagers Essay

And the lack of attention or the absence of somebody to realize and address the situation leads to these students becoming withdrawn and unwilling to socialize. This will mean that they usually immerse themselves in the American way of life; abandoning their background and cultural identity for a lifestyle they feel is more acceptable to the peers they are trying to join/impress.

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John Ogbu studied education for minorities for many years in the United States and other societies, concentrating on school performances between minority and dominant-group students.

Some of the questions he asked included the following: Why do some minorities do better at school than others?

Therefore, differences in minority school performance are not attributable to race and/or culture.

It would be incorrect and unfair to generalise characteristics for any community based on ignorance, yet we feel little or nothing when it is assumed that Asians will perform better in science because they have “a natural advantage”.

Racism is a touchy subject that most of us would readily admit is a criminal and hateful thing.

With it come thoughts of dark times past, of oppressive regimes and brutal slavery.Is it because they possess languages and learning styles better suited to formal education?His conclusions were as follows: 1) No minority group does better in school because it is genetically superior 2) No minority culture is better at educating its children 3) No minority language is better suited to learning at school.Wang, Cheryan and Siy found that because they have not had a racial movement to raise their cultural awareness, they tend to suffer more from self-esteem issues than other minorities, Black Americans had and still do have associations, bodies and forums that address incidences of discrimination and racism against members of their community.There has been no such movement for Asians, because nobody seems to view it as a problem.The video begins with some sort of a “disclaimer” where she says the rant is targeted “not at her friends, but at the other numerous Asian students I do not know personally.” She complains about “the hordes of Asians” admitted to UCLA every year, and that they should “use American manners” upon their arrival; she complained about the fact that “ these people do not teach their children how to fend for themselves, hence the reason...all their relatives come around every weekend to cook and buy their groceries”; she complains further about their cell phone usage in the library, and mimics their language by using the words “ooh, ching chong ling long ting tong, ooh”, showing a disregard and insensitivity for any Asian language speaker.This in turn alienates them from those who may be more proud of their heritage and refuse to change, meaning that those who were trying ti fit into America remain in a sort of cultural no man’s land, where the Americans cannot fully accept them, yet they are also outcast by their fellow Asian Americans for being &ldquuo; Deserters”.They are doomed to remain permanent visitors, unable to fully belong anywhere.Hence, most people will readily believe that Asian Americans and in fact just Asians in general, are naturally gifted in the fields of science, computing, electronics and mathematics.This stereotyping has inhibited research and clinical exploration of discrimination and mental health problems among Asian Americans despite empirical evidence indicating otherwise.


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