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When you scan the text, you're looking at headings, scanning the body of the piece for any frequently used words or concept while reviewing the thesis of the piece and attempting to gain a general idea of the piece's argument or focus.To scan a piece, read the first paragraph to locate the thesis.

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Scanning might seem like a reading approach that yields less information, but scanning is an important first step in reading comprehension.

Scanning prior to reading can help you understand the main points of the article.

This survey should not take more than a minute or two and will show the main ideas around which the discussion will cluster. This will give you a specific purpose for reading the material and thereby increase comprehension.

This will help you organize the ideas as you read them later. It will bring to mind information already known, thus helping you to understand that section more quickly.

Glance over the headings in the chapter to see the few big points that will be developed.

Also read the final summary paragraph if the chapter has one.

These processes will help you to understand and retain the material for future applications.

Students who use a study system tend to read with greater comprehension and remember more over a period of time.

The question will also make important points stand out at the same time that explanatory detail is recognized as such.

Having read the first section, look away from the book and try to recite the answer to your question IN YOUR OWN WORDS.


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