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What are the essential components of response to intervention (RTI) initiatives, how have schools struggled to implement RTI, and what factors have contributed to school improvement?Quiz Yourself: How Much Do You Know About Dyslexia?What are the early signs of dyslexia in children, how can educators improve a child's reading accuracy, and what is the state of dyslexia-specific laws in the U. Map: Minorities in Special Education: Which Districts Are Out of Line?

What are the essential components of response to intervention (RTI) initiatives, how have schools struggled to implement RTI, and what factors have contributed to school improvement?

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The writer goes into great detail concerning the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of various teaching methods.

Approximately 20 sources are listed in bibliography.

The Los Angeles Unified School District, which educates about 64,500 students with disabilities, will regain full control over programs that serve their special needs, after decades of costly court-ordered outside supervision, officials announced this week.

Organized under the Special Olympics umbrella, the Unified Champion Schools program promotes meaningful connections between students with and without intellectual disabilities, using sports as a catalyst.

One specific strategy is explored in depth: POSSE which can be used on top of the existing curriculum, including whole language. : A 15 research study paper that provides an overview of the current literature regarding reading comprehension, teaching techniques and outcomes, and proposes a study of 4th grade students to support the findings. Examples of goals for teachers to pursue are provided as are techniques, and recommended readings. : An 8 page research paper on the integration of language and literacy in the science classroom.

The writer gives background into the educational approach, as well as providing a wide range of activities currently being used by teachers. : A 5 page research paper which contains background information on the subject of literacy/illiteracy.

Various techniques for assessment are discussed as well. Includes Van Gogh's artwork, new vocabulary words, and a post-lesson quiz. An excellent reference for anyone studying elementary education ! : A 5 page overview of the importance of reading comprehension and the factors which affect it on both mainstream and multicultural levels.

Written as though the audience were parents and teachers attending Back-To-School night. : A 5 page analytical discussion focusing on teachers of language arts and how to "refresh" their teaching methods after years of being "set in their ways." The writer argues that teachers often become "used" to being ineffective with regard to a set percentage of their students and that they ultimately fail to influence any positive change.

: A 14 page paper presenting a proposal for researching the question of whether new teachers are as prepared for the classroom as were new teachers of 20 years ago.

That new teachers are relatively unprepared for today’s classroom is fairly obvious. Is it their grasp of subject matter, ability to effectively manage a classroom, efficacy regarding the associated but non-teaching duties of the teaching position, or is it that the old system of teaching children simply is not effective in today’s society? There are always a variety of materials available for classroom use that change with years and with changing views of precisely what should be the outcome of classroom education, how one level should prepare for the next, how students truly do learn, and even the value of the "hands on" theories.


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